23 January 2008

Taking a STAND

Below is part of an email I recieved today from my dear sister. It is something that I feel VERY strongly about and would like to see some action taken.

Internet pornography is a growing problem that receives little attention in our society. Studies show however that pornography can be as addictive as drugs and alcohol, exerting similar effects on the brain. Many criminals, specifically sex offenders, indicate that pornography played a role in their turn to a life of crime.
Pornographic material is available to anyone with an Internet connection – and is particularly dangerous for our children. That is why I support the efforts of the CP80 Foundation. CP80 has developed a solution to zone the Internet that will allow us as the consumer, rather than the producer and web publishers, to choose what comes into our homes.
CP80 is working on legislation to enforce this solution. The foundation is also developing strategies for communities and states to address this problem. CP80 offers free training for parents to help them understand the effects and reach of Internet pornography.
Please visit the
CP80 website at http://www.cp80.org, and tell your friends and family about this initiative. We deserve the right to decide what sort of materials and content are allowed into our homes.

The world we live in is so remarkable, in so so many ways....BUT there is OPPOSITION in all things....all that good has a whole lot of evil to contest with.

I have already gone to the above site and joined! Please take a stand with me. Stop this "disease" from spreading ANY farther. It has consumed too many.


Natalie said...

I'm with you on this - thanks for the info. And I'm headed to check out the website.

JenJ said...

Check out our blog
http://www.cp80southlake.blogspot.com to read what we have done and the huge difference just a little action can make.
Go for it!

Avatar said...
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Joel said...

CP80 should make a facebook page to raise awareness, millions of people use facebook

Porn said...
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