15 February 2012

New Things Therapy

I find myself between an old rock and a modern hard place.  On the one hand I am letdown by our "throwaway society".  Everything we have these days is disposable and wears out quicker than a Kardashian's marriage.  Sentimentality is lost on our generation.  How in the world are my grand kids supposed to eat from the same highchair as my kids or talk on the same phone as their grandmother did?  These are great memories of mine that my kids, let alone my grand kids, will never have.

On the other hand . . . I really, really like new things.  Specifically, electronic things.

I love the thrill of Internet research precluding the informed, yet slightly impulsive buy.  I love the giddy drive home that is filled with the anticipation of opening the new thing.  I love holding the box and cutting the seal with a razor.  I love sorting through the packaging.  I LOVE manuals!

I love being able to turn it on for the first time and listen to the start up jingle.  I love figuring it out faster than the next guy.  I love new things.

Maybe I'm all alone on this one.  Maybe I'm no better than the throwaway society that I am reluctantly a member of, but I feel justified in my dichotomy.

That being said . . . I'm about to open up my new iPAD!  OH YEAH! 


Shiv said...

You're gonna be one of those "I walked to school, uphill, in the snow" kind of people...

That being said: Congrats on your new gadget! One day I will have one of my very own...

Lamb said...

I want one! Can you buy me one? I want to come play on it soon, how bout it?